Forage Problems Workshop-1 was Held in Turkey and Final Report Published

26.11.2021 05:09

Workshop on Forage Problems in Turkey-1 Final Report

On November 8, 2021, Muş Alparslan University, Çukurova University, Dicle University and Ondokuz Mayıs University attended the "Workshop on Roughage Problems in Turkey-1" meeting organized online by Muş Alparslan University Meadows, Pasture and Forage Crops Joint Application and Research Center Directorate. Rectors and academic staff responsible for the center participated, and as a result of the workshop, it was decided to send the following 15-item joint proposal statement to the relevant authorities.

I would like to present your information and its requirements.

1. Adaptations of high yielding and good breed forage crops.

2. Development and cultivation of forage crops that are drought resistant, consume less water and have high adaptability.

3. Improvement of forage crops such as alfalfa, silage corn, sorghum, millet.

4. Evaluation of currently used cereal species and varieties as fodder crops,

5. Elimination of seed problem in forage crops.

6. Determining the types and varieties of forage crops to be used in rangeland improvement and artificial pasture facilities and their mixtures.

7. Determination of alternative forage crops in artificial pasture setup.

8. Determining and culturing valuable forage plants in natural vegetation by observing in meadows and pastures.

9. Base pasture management and management.

10. Rangeland improvement in terms of botanical composition and resistance to grazing for a productive, quality, healthy and sustainable rangeland.

11. Organizing publications and meetings to improve the knowledge and experience of farmers and other interested persons on the effective use and improvement of meadows and pastures.

12. Determining the method or types of animal grazing (single or multiple species, alternating, meat or dairy breeds etc.) on existing natural pastures or artificial pastures, and

13. Exchange of plant materials between partner universities within the scope of related projects.

14. Generating information by conducting individual or joint research projects and making publications in the form of compilations on the use and improvement of pastures and forage crops agriculture. It has been decided to include Research Institutes and Private Sectors in these studies when deemed necessary.

15. Carrying out studies to develop the laboratory infrastructure and inventories of the four universities related to the center.


Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, Muş Alparslan University

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoç, Dicle University

Prof. Dr. Meryem Tuncel, Çukurova University

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Unal, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Prof. Dr. Ferat Uzun, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Basbag, Dicle University

Prof. Dr. Rustu Hatipoglu, Cukurova University

Prof. Dr. Yaşar Karadağ, Muş Alparslan University

Prof. Dr. Faruk Toklu, Çukurova University

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ozkan, Cukurova University

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aydın, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Prof. Dr. Ilknur Ayan, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Prof. Dr. Nuh Ocak, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Prof. Dr. Zeki Acar, Ondokuz Mayıs University

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Salih Sayar, Dicle University

Assoc. Dr. Muhittin Tutkun, Dicle University

Assoc. Dr. Ramazan Demirel, Dicle University

Assoc. Dr. Uğur Özgürer, Çukurova University

Dr. Res. See. Önder Albayrak, Dicle University

Dr. Instructor Member Mahir Özkurt, Mus Alparslan University

Dr. Instructor Mehmet Karaman, Muş Alparslan University

Dr. Instructor Member Orhan Karadağ, Muş Alparslan University

Dr. Instructor Member Özer Kurt, Mus Alparslan University

Lecturer Beytullah Dönmez, Çukurova University